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Why Develop Custom Software Applications?

Lots of Reasons. To increase productivity, reduce staff, reduce overhead costs, improve turn around time, and to save money.


Custom applications provide tools to improve productivity. Tasks done by staff, but which could be accomplished using automated applications, are good candidates. For example, providing your sales staff with a mobile application to access inventory, specifications, and pricing information could save both time and money, while providing better service to customers. With enough savings you could significantly increase your competitive advantage.


Growing without adding staff. Custom applications that increase productivity offer an opportunity to grow without adding staff. A good example is adding online ordering to your web site. Like a bank ATM, you can not only serve more customers, but also allow customers to order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. You can extend your site’s capabilities to allow customers to track shipments, check account status, and reorder products. With these applications, you could reduce both your sales and customer service staff. Add a second or third language and you reach even more customers.


How do you decide what applications are worth it? Look at your business processes, analyze what employees are actually doing, and figure out a more streamlined process. Or ask Auburn SeeWolf to help evaluate your ideas. We do this all day, every day and can lend our experience to help you make the right decision.


But what about:


    The cost! Can’t I just buy off-the-shelf software?

    The time! Don’t custom applications take forever?

    The risk! They always cost more and take longer.

    The ROI! They never pay for themselves.

    The problems! They become stovepipes and data islands.

    The technology! It’s always changing.


Auburn SeeWolf develops Custom Applications that improve productivity. We have solved all these problems.



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