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How to Live with Changing Technology

Technology is going to change; we have to learn to live with it. We all want and need greater productivity. It fuels growth in our economy and gives our companies opportunities to develop a competitive advantage. The down side is the cost of keeping our systems modern, upgrading and replacing them to stay ahead of the competition.


How do you live with changing technology?  We recommend that you pick a technology provider and stay with them. Auburn SeeWolf primarily uses Microsoft technology, although we believe that Oracle and IBM offer viable alternatives. To be able to live with changing technology and with changing business requirements over the life of the application, we do not recommend open source or smaller vendors.


Does picking one mainstream technology vendor eliminate problems?  No! But in our experience the problems seen from changing technology are significantly reduced by staying with one mainstream technology. While this reduces costs over the life of the application, it also protects your investment and the competitive advantages you have worked so hard to implement.


Make technology an integral part of your business strategy.  In our opinion, too many businesses look at technology as a cost function. They believe information technology is a necessary evil. Sometimes this is the result of bad experiences with software applications in the past. It only takes one failed project to put a bad taste in your mouth for years to come.


A very wise man at Xerox once said that for automation to be successful it had to cut the number of people needed in a business process. At Auburn SeeWolf, we believe that providing a custom application tailored to a specific business problem offers a high probability of success. If the custom application results in fewer people working on the task, it offers the probability of a real return on investment.


Another way of saying this is that successful applications almost always improve productivity. While most business owners and managers look at changing technology as a bad thing for their business, we suggest that successful businesses look at new technology as an opportunity. If the new technology can provide a way to cut the number of people needed for a specific business process, or allow growth without adding staff, there is an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

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