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Managed Solutions

We need to finish our software projects. Most managers and business owners lament the problem that software applications are never done, they just go on and on. They are difficult to manage and often appear to be out of control. With the pressure to be more and more competitive in today’s business environment, it’s no wonder businesses shy away from software projects.


Why is software never done? First and foremost, it’s never done because business processes are always changing, evolving to meet new markets, competition, and challenges. When software implements or supports business processes, it must also change. Second, business software operates in a very complex environment. One change (often to an off-the-shelf component: a security patch to an operating system, an upgrade to a database server, etc.) can break an existing application. Finally, as IT staff members change, staff skill and experience changes, often leading to software or environmental tweaks, which can impact existing applications.


One solution is to outsource application management. Auburn SeeWolf provides complete management services for business applications, hosted at either our customers’ facilities or at Auburn SeeWolf. Our hosting facility provides a secure environment for Internet or network centric software systems. We provide a controlled environment and tailor systems to meet the availability needed by our customers, allowing cost-effective solutions to meet business requirements.


Managed solutions may be less expensive. Outsourcing allows you to share a staff of experienced IT administrators and developers, paying for the time you need to keep your systems effective, but no more. It reduces or eliminates your internal IT staff and allows you to focus on your core business.


Managed solutions are not the only solution. We would be hard pressed to recommend that eBay or outsource production software, it is their core business. But most of us use software systems to support our business, and although they may and should be key to our business strategy, our focus needs to be on our business. For most of us, outsourcing part or all of our application maintenance can be an effective way to gain a competitive advantage.


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