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Internet Applications

Internet applications take advantage of Internet technology to give access to users at dispersed locations. For example, Auburn SeeWolf developed a vote tabulation application, allowing County clerks in each County to enter voting results. The application tabulates the results and provides summary reports through a public web site, while allowing administration through a private, password protected site. This application reduces staff, provides timely results, and improves data quality by avoiding redundant data entry into local, State, and public databases.


In another application Auburn SeeWolf developed a data entry system for a financial institution. This system displays a copy of paper forms used in the past, allows the institution’s customers to fill in information on the form, and saves the data to an enterprise database. This system provided significant productivity improvement by eliminating data entry when the forms were received at the financial institution. Training was minimized by using the actual forms that the customers were already using. It also reduced data entry errors and order processing time. This is a good example of how a software application can provide a competitive advantage.


A recent web application developed by Auburn SeeWolf provides Government organizations with a sophisticated project management tool. It provides a fast, secure way for program managers to communicate with their sponsors, providing up to date program status and access to program management documents, project photographs, and scheduling information. This project was accomplished using Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC architecture, allowing the program to be maintained in a modern, testable environment. It will provide a significant cost reduction over the life cycle of the application.


Internet applications are very effective when:


  • Access is required from many different locations.
  • All users have access to the Internet.
  • The user interface is not overly complex and the amount of data displayed to the user does not require excessive bandwidth.
  • Funding is limited.


Internet applications are closely related to Windows applications which run on each user’s computer. They are also related to E-commerce Web applications, which provide business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales channels.



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